Metabolic Factor Review: new Jonny Bowden diet

Jonny BowdenThe Metabolic Factor diet program is a new plan designed by Dr Jonny Bowden to transform your metabolism, so your body becomes a fat-burning machine in just 22 days. How does it work, is it flexible, and how does it relate to Jonny’s other programs? We’ll take a look in this review.

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What Is The Metabolic Factor Diet?

In summary, the Metabolic Factor is based around a low carb diet with cheat meals. Cheat meals help to make the plan easier to stick to — any cravings you have can be satisfied, because you’ll be able to indulge them at one of your cheat meals.

With some other plans, you have to give up certain foods forever, which is tough, and can lead to people caving. But the Metabolic Factor is more of a carb cycling program, where anything goes — at certain times. This keeps the lid on indulgence while giving you an outlet for those pesky cravings. I found it helped a lot.

You’ll find two levels of the plan: Basic and Advanced. Both follow the same principles, but the Advanced plan ramps it up to another level. If you’re highly motivated, or if you don’t have much to lose but want to lose it fast, try Advanced. If you have a lot to lose, or are happy to lose it more slowly, the Basic level might suit you better. They’re compatible, so you can switch from one to the other at any time.

On the Basic plan, you can have anything at all for your cheat meals. Yes, anything! — at certain times. The timing of the cheat meals is vital, and they are meals, not whole evenings or days 😉

On the Advanced Metabolic Factor plan, Jonny Bowden advises limiting yourself to mostly healthy carbs at the cheat meals. But if you want, you can mix and match and have some cheat meals that are ‘advanced’ and others where you eat absolutely anything you fancy. I did that myself, and it worked for me.

Does The Metabolic Factor Work?

The previous version of this program was called New You in 22. I lost 9 pounds following it, which I was very happy with because I wasn’t very much over my target weight before starting. My experience is that the more weight you have to lose, the faster you will lose it.

I enjoyed the program, especially the cheat meals 😉
But even on the non-cheat days, I had plenty to eat. I didn’t get hungry and I loved the variety of the meals. One of the beauties of low carb diets is that protein and fat keep you feeling fuller for longer than carbs, so I often find I’m not even thinking about food between meals — which is quite something for me!

And by the way, if you already have New You In 22, you have all the basis of the program. You might still want to get the Metabolic Factor if you need new motivation, if you want the bonuses (including weekly coaching calls with Jonny Bowden), or if you’ve drifted off the plan and want to kickstart your weight loss again. Jonny has updated the plan for the Metabolic Factor but he knows “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! And it ain’t broke, so he’s added tools and bonuses, without messing with the basic successful plan.

What You Get – Instant Download and/or Printed Books

I live in the UK, so I have the downloadable version. However, you can buy the Metabolic Factor printed books for the same price plus shipping — and you also get instant access to the downloadable version.

This means if you live anywhere in North America, where the shipping cost is low, you’ll probably want to get the printed books too. But whatever version you choose, you have instant access online, and can start right away.

Metabolic Factor Blueprint

Metabolic Factor BlueprintThe Metabolic Factor Blueprint explains every aspect of the plan. This includes research and the science behind the plan, plus step-by-step instructions for what you can eat and when (hint: timing is very important on this program), and everything else that you need to know, to start burning fat and losing weight.

The first part of the book explains the science behind low carb and carb cycling diets. It shows how burning fat instead of burning sugar can activate the hormones that help you to lose weight and have a trimmer body.

In the section 2, you’ll discover all about the different steps in the program. Results with the Metabolic Factor are not only a question of what you eat, although that is the most important. There are other steps including sleep, stress reduction, detox and exercise. But don’t stress about the exercise! There’s very little you have to do. On the Basic plan you can do only walking for your exercise.

THe third section is where you have all the details of the step-by-step plan to burn fat and lose weight for the best Metabolic Factor results. Then there’s a final chapter on what to do after the first 3 weeks, since this is at root a 22-day cycle.

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Quick Start Guide

Metabolic Factor quick start guideIf you’re anything like me, you won’t want to wade through a lot of science and research before you start. You’ll want to get started right away! For that, turn to the Metabolic Factor Quick Start Guide. It’s just 11 pages, no fluff, giving you the exact steps to start the program.

When I started the plan I read the Quick Start Guide and went ahead with that right away, without reading the Blueprint until later. It was very clear and easy to follow.

Progress Tracker

Metabolic Factor progress trackerThe progress tracker is new! It gives you a way to track your fat loss from specific parts of your body – because it’s not about numbers on a scale, it’s about achieving a toned, attractive body that looks good in and out of clothes!

With the Metabolic Factor progress tracker, you’ll focus on the places where you most want to lose weight.

What You Can Eat On This Plan

Metabolic Factor 10 minute mealsWondering what you can eat on this program? Not much experience with low carb? Jonny Bowden has you covered with a book of ‘10 minute meals’ — recipes that fit the plan, mostly taking just 10 minutes to prepare.

You also get a day-by-day meal plan to follow if you prefer to have everything prearranged for you.

Or, if you like inventing your own recipes, you can use the ‘roll your own’ section in the guide. Here you’ll find a list of all the best foods to include in your meals.


Metabolic motivation emailsWith the new Metabolic Factor program, you get a ton of bonuses that weren’t available before. These include:

Metabolic motivation emails from Jonny Bowden to keep your enthusiasm high. We all know that diets work if we can stick to them – it’s sticking to them that’s the issue! The email series should help with that.

Coaching callsPlus you get a booklet on IGF trigger foods, information on booster supplements, the 5 biggest exercise mistakes and probably the best of all, recorded coaching calls with Jonny Bowden. You’ll receive these weekly for 4 weeks and they could be a big factor in keeping you on track. I recommend listening to these as soon as they arrive each week, and taking notes. But you’ll have access to them later if you want.

Metabolic Factor Review Summary

To sum up my review of Dr Jonny Bowden’s Metabolic Factor diet program: it passes the 3 E’s test! I found it Easy, Enjoyable and Effective and I lost 9 pounds in a short time, following it.

Next, click on the link below to go to the official website where you can find out a lot more, including ‘before and after’ pictures of people who’ve followed the plan.

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The Metabolic Factor

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46 comments on “Metabolic Factor Review: new Jonny Bowden diet

  1. Patricia Casteel

    I am on the 21st day of the Metabolic Factor diet, and I LOVE it!! I am 63 years old, and have lost 10 pounds and 12 inches in the first 3 weeks. The best part is that I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!! I am almost ready to go down to the next size in clothing. This week I was able to wear the next size lower top and my “skinny” capris that I could not even fasten three weeks ago (lying down on the bed and sucking in my stomach!) I have had TERRIBLE acid reflux for the past several year, taking 2 Nexiums each morning, and I often still got acid reflux. i have not had acid reflux in the 3 weeks I started this REFORMED WAY OF EATING, and am down to only one Nexium a day. After I lose 10 more pounds, I’ll bet I can wean myself from the Nexium altogether. i have severe arthritis, but I have felt SO MUCH BETTER, with much fewer aches and pains, and my energy is way up. i usually ignore those health videos because of time, but I am so grateful I didn’t ignore this. I truly have begun a reformed way of eating with a “carb feast” every 4 days after this. THANK YOU!!

  2. Success Story

    I’ve read through the comments and just wanted to add… If you haven’t tried the protein powder, it is the best tasting powder I’ve ever tasted!

    Ive been on the program for a little over a month. Ive lost 14 pounds so far, moved up 4 notches on my belt and have way more energy,than before. My fatigue and joint pain are almost nonexistent when i have my protein powder shake ( I add another product called patriot power greens to it also) and when i don’t skimp on my epsom salt baths. I typically spend an hour soaking because it is very relaxing and destresses me. For the shower only question, I found a product called no bath epsom salts rub with aloe that worked great while I was at camp,for a week. I used it on my problem spots, for back and shoulder pain and it worked beautifully! Also in the first few weeks on the program, my acne cleared up. That hasn’t happened in over a decade!

    I know everyones results arent the same due to many other factors.. I mostly use only grassfed meats, butter, and free range eggs; I only use toxic free skin care products like pure cocunut oil and just pure bentonite clay powder for makeup coverage; I’m a stay at home mom, so away from fast food convenience and temptations and city smog…. My point is, many factors affect results, but I have loved this program, don’t feel deprived because of cheat meals, and have found it to be the easiest program to follow. I love the 10 min meal recipes, in fact my whole family does, so I fix them for everyone with no complaints.

    Sorry for the long post, I really just meant to say, try the protein powder, because its delicious!

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Thank you for that! I haven’t tried the protein powder myself but maybe I will now …

      1. Success Story

        You’re welcome! I have only tried the vanilla because its so versatile; can be paired with anything. If I’m in the mood for chocolate, I just add unsweetened cocoa powder! Also the Barlean’s Omega 3’s add great benefits as well as flavor. I use the peach mango quite often. My other add-ins are ground flax seed, prebiotic fiber, and hemp hearts. The Patriot Power Greens I mentioned give it a berry flavor. I prefer to eat my berries, melon, or nuts seperately instead of pulverizing them in the shake. Makes me feel like a gourmet breakfast that way too! Hope you enjoy!

  3. Jodie

    I do not see anywhere that liquid, such as water, milk tea etc is allowed to drink during the day. I know the shakes use Coconut Milk or Almond milk, but I like to drink throughout the day and see nothing listed???

    Any suggestions?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Jodie,
      Water and herbal teas are fine. In chapter 14 it says you can also drink green tea instead of coffee, but it does contain caffeine, so I’d suggest not having too much and only drinking it in the morning. If you currently don’t drink anything with caffeine, of course, don’t start!

      I’d keep non-dairy milks for part of a meal, because otherwise they’d be like a mini-snack, and make sure there’s no added sugar in them. Dairy isn’t on the plan except for the carb feasts.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Jodie

        Thank you so much. I will drink green teas with no caffeine even though it does not affect me at all. Thank you for your answer.

  4. Venus

    What if you don’t like some of the meals? Can you replace it with another lunch or dinner meal? And do you have to fill out that tracker? Seems so time consuming and I would probably not fill it out for long to be honest.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Sure. You can replace it with a different meal or create your own meals from the list of foods. The meal plan is only there give you ideas.

      As for the tracker, it’s a tool you can use or not, as you like. The point is to show our progress, which helps to keep us motivated. But if it becomes a drag, there’s no point … we don’t want to be using an anti-motivator 😉

  5. Jessica

    I am allergic to any seafood/fish, etc. I can’t find an example of a meal plan anywhere on the site. Is there a way to email me a copy, as you you state that Omega-3 enriched foods are best for this diet… I’ve noticed that Most Omega-3 enriched foods are connected to some sort of Seafood/Fish. This is my dilemma for most diets/lifestyle changes, as I don’t have options for this… I am at an impass, so I fear that this will be another waste of my money. Please advise. Thanks!

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Jessica,

      There’s no requirement to eat fish. The point about Omega-3 is that we tend to be out of balance, consuming too much Omega-6 in our food (or not enough Omega-3 – you can look at it either way). The plan focuses more on reducing Omega-6 to achieve the balance, and where Omega-3 foods are recommended, it’s chia seeds and flax seeds that are suggested. Fish is mentioned, certainly, but only as an option alongside others.

      I hope that helps, Rosemary

  6. Nancy Scott

    Hello Rosemary, I’ve got a couple of things to discuss. I see that a person is supposed to take 5 baths a week, with soft soothing music. That sounds great, the only problem is, we don’t have a tub, just two showers! Wasn’t there some exercise videos mentioned? I know there was something else, however, I can’t think of it. It goes with old age. I’m 77 yrs young and want to get rid of a lot of fat and replace it with firm muscle. I appreciate all the help I can get. I’ve tried so many other things and nothing has worked for me. This is my last resort. Thanks

  7. carmelina pantano

    Hey there Rosemary.. did you purchase any of the added extras listed afterwards such as the powder and 10 second metabolic kickstart thingy.
    how quickly did you see results if i may ask

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Carmelina,
      (1) I don’t think so, but I might have bought a recipe book. No powder.
      (2) I started seeing results in the first few days. It depends what kind of diet you’re coming from, however. The more different (and unhealthy) a person’s diet was, the faster they’ll see results, in general. It also depends how far from a healthy weight they are.
      Hope that helps

  8. Darla

    Does this plan require eating fish? I really don’t like seafood. Can I achieve results on this plan by eating chicken, beef, and pork?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      No, you don’t have to eat fish! It was just for a vegetarian I said it would be easier if she ate fish. If you eat meat, you’ll be fine.

  9. Linda

    Hi. I am considering trying this lifestyle change. I have been in menopause for 2 years and I am having a difficult time taking off 15 pounds. Before menopause I had 10 pounds to take off, but I have gained 5 since in menopause. I eat very clean, and I eat the foods that should be organic. I am vegetarian. So I would like to know will the food recommendations have alternatives for me?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      To be honest, I don’t think this is an ideal plan for vegetarians (unless you eat fish). You could possibly do it by substituting cheese for meat – technically cheese isn’t on the plan but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be, if you don’t eat meat or fish. Beans won’t work, however. So you’d be eating a lot of eggs and cheese.

  10. Charlotte

    Been on program for about a month. I’m 63.5 and since young adulthood I have dieted ( starved myself) . Since being on this program, I can see a difference. The back fat has gone my belly is half it’s size I have gotten comments from my husband, and we know how men are, change your hair and he won’t even notice the change. He says my skin looks better and my legs are looking real nice. Slimming down and cellulite is disappearing! The weird part is my legs are also toning up without exercise! Maybe on my vacation I can wear a bathing suit. Anyway, from someone who has messed up her system dieting for 40+ yrs, this is worth the try.

      1. Rosemary C Post author

        Yes, I think it’s a great system. I’m not so strict with the timing now but I basically still follow it.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      I don’t know, Barbara, but you could ask. Go here and scroll down, almost at the bottom of the page, right above the Scientific References, you’ll see a Contact Us link: Metabolic Factor

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Don, it’s a low carb program which is generally good for type 2 diabetes as far as I know. You should keep a check on your blood glucose levels however, discuss it with your doctor and see him/her regularly for checks. Sometimes people with type 2 diabetes find their medication can be reduced on a low carb program – which is great of course, but needs monitoring by a medical professional.

  11. Cynthia Delaurentis

    Dammit ..,..I’ve tried to order several times ….why does it say denied ????? I’m very angry


    I cannot find info on the protein powder. I typed in and it just takes me to the metabolic factor home page. Help

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      I’m checking that with them for you, Joey. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have the answer

  13. sarah peck

    I’m currently on the diet and the one thing I can’t find information about is how much one can eat a a meal? I.e. how many oz. Of protein etc etc.
    Or can you eat all you want as long as you stick to the listed food charts?


  14. Tricia

    I bought the book (hard copy and down load and it never downloaded or told me where to down load copy, what did I miss?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Tricia, you should have received an email with the download instructions. Check your spam folder – in gmail you may have to log in at, look at the list of folders on the left and if Spam isn’t showing, click on More at the bottom of the list.
      If it’s not in your spam folder you’ll need to contact their support. Go here and scroll down, almost at the bottom of the page, right above the Scientific References, you’ll see a Contact Us link: Metabolic Factor

  15. Mel

    I have gone through everything, but I was wondering if its possible to make a diet menu plan for me, I may be asking a lot and I am sorry, but I find it easier for someone else to make up the plan than myself.

    Please see if you can help me,
    Many thanks

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Mel, you can use the 10 Minute Meals plan for that.
      It’s all there!
      Best regards

  16. charlene annonio

    i can not wait to get started my friend is on it and she let me try some of the great tasting foods on the plan and I loved it

    1. huda agha

      thanks for this great text book but I can’t get it because not available for my country so I wounder who to get it

      1. Rosemary C Post author

        There is a downloadable version – you should be able to get that in any country.


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