5 Tips For Fast Weight Loss

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It seems as if everyone is looking for a way to lose weight quickly, but research shows that unreasonably rapid weight loss can often result in weight gain after a person has stopped dieting. But, there are still some fast weight loss tips that can help you lose five or 10 pounds over the course of a week or two without endangering your health or subjecting yourself to the diet bounce back that many people experience. Continue reading

Which Low Carb Diet Is Best For You?

Jeans too bigIn recent years, more and more people have decided to go on some form of a low carbohydrate diet because they can eat a lot of favorite foods without sacrificing weight loss. The best low carb diet will be able to help you lose weight, but it can also help with many other health issues and provide you with more energy. The key is to find the plan that will work for you.

Let’s look at some of the possibilities to help you choose.
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How Much Water We Need And My Trick For Making Sure I Drink It

Water glass with buttonsI have a simple trick that helps me remember to drink my recommended amount of water each day. I use buttons.

You may already know how much water to drink. The recommended amount is 8 x 8 ounces (not including coffee, juice, etc). That’s a total of 64 ounces (approx 2 litres). My glass holds around 11 ounces (335 ml) so I aim to drink that 6 times.
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Unleash Your Thin Reviews Video

Here’s my Unleash Your Thin reviews video!

Watch it now and you can see me talking about the program and taking you through the members area where you get the Jump Start Videos, Fat Burning Blueprint, Craving Crusher Action Guide and membership of the supportive forum. You get to see what I really look like too!
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