Unleash Your Thin Diet: What I Eat (Wk 8)

Woman with vegetablesThis week, along with posting my results below, I’m going to write about what I eat on the Unleash Your Thin diet. What I love about this plan is that it’s low carb, which feels exactly right for my body just now, but it’s so much easier than diets like Atkins that have you counting carbs or whatever. It’s just so much more flexible.

I’m now 2 months into the plan and I like to write down what I eat each day because it helps me keep on track, but you don’t even have to do that. You can simply avoid the foods listed in the plan, the ‘forbidden nine’, and otherwise eat what you want.

Yesterday I ate a whole (small) jar of almond butter. Now that’s not exactly on the plan and I don’t recommend you do that, but I didn’t gain from it. My weight today is exactly what it was yesterday – and I’m still losing. Here are my latest results:

April 20th, 2013

Weight: lost 1.5 lb in the past 2 weeks (19 lb lost in 8 weeks)

Waist: lost 1/2 inch more, total 3 inches in 8 weeks
Hips: lost 1 inch more, total 1.75 inches in 8 weeks

Body fat: now well into the healthy range

As I get closer to my goal of losing 25 lb, I’m not going to post results every week. When you’re within the healthy BMI range, weight loss inevitably slows down. It’s even a good thing, because it means your body is adjusting to its new lower weight and is more likely to stay there. But I don’t want to keep posting here that I’ve lost a half pound or stayed the same weight or whatever, so I’m going to post less often and maybe write about some other aspects of low carb diets, like …

What I eat on this plan

If you look at my different posts on this site you can actually see what I eat, pretty much, in the photos. I have a box of organic vegetables delivered each Friday and I use those and whatever else is in the fridge to produce a meal. I don’t enjoy following recipes (although I will link to one later in this post). I just find a few combinations of foods that I like and keep making them.

So here’s what I like:


Fried eggs

Breakfast is usually eggs, fried or omelet, with whatever vegetables I have around. In this picture there’s onion, leek, tomato and a little bit of mushroom. I use olive oil and coconut oil for frying. I might have bacon instead of eggs some days. You could even have both!


Lunch dishes

When I started Unleash Your Thin it was winter and I often had soup or another hot dish for lunch. Now the weather is warmer, it’s more likely to be salad or something cold.

The picture on the left is hummus with carrot sticks. You can find my hummus recipe here.

The picture on the right is smoked mackerel with zucchini ‘noodles’. You need a special spiral slicer to cut the zucchini into noodles – it’s worth it because they’re delicious! I eat them raw with mayonnaise, olives and sometimes tomatoes, but some people like to cook them very quickly in boiling water.

I also love green salad with boiled eggs, chicken or canned fish and/or nuts.


Dinner meals

Some of my dinner ideas:

* any kind of fish or roasted meat with sautéed vegetables
* shrimp stirfry
* pork and lentil stew (pictured)
* ground beef and bean chili
* fish pie or cottage pie made with mashed squash instead of potato

There are tons more delicious low carb meal ideas and recipes that you can follow, of course. The Unleash Your Thin diet allows you a lot of variety.


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  1. Veronica

    I am looking into this but was wondering, can you physically get the books or is it all online, or do you have access to online if you choose to get them by mail if that’s available?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Veronica

      The way it works is that you get the downloadable ebook version automatically, and then as far as I recall you can have a printed version of the materials mailed to you as an upgrade. I didn’t pick that option so I don’t remember the details of it but if I can find out any more I’ll let you know.


  2. Tina

    HELP ME LOSE MY WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM OVER BEEN OVER WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    1. Rosemary C Post author

      LOL you can do it Tina! You’ll find a lot of support inside the members area. You can hook up with a buddy and support each other by email if you want.


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