Does Unleash Your Thin Work? Results Week 1

Carrot and kohlrabi salad

Carrot and kohlrabi salad

March 1st, 2013

Weight: lost 8.5 pounds in the first week 🙂

: lost 1 inch from my waist, no difference yet on hips

Body fat: reduced by 1%

Starting Unleash Your Thin

I was desperate when I joined Unleash Your Thin. As you’ll see from My Weight Loss Story, I’ve always had problems around food. With the help of a local slimming group, by December 2012 I’d lost 40 pounds and was 10 pounds from my goal weight, but I was still veering off their low fat diet to binge.

With the holidays my weight started creeping back up and this time I couldn’t turn it around, even with the support of the group. By the time I found Unleash Your Thin online on Tuesday, February 19th, I’d regained 15 pounds.

I began phase 1 of the program right away, 25 pounds from my goal weight. I started working through the Fat Burning Blueprint and the Craving Crusher Action Guide. I joined the forum and found it was so new, there were only a couple of posts in there.

Of course, it’s changed since then and there are now a lot of people posting, supporting and encouraging each other. In fact, after just a couple of days there were enough people that I was able to buddy up with somebody so that we could support each other.

So how does Unleash Your Thin work? This was my progress in the first week:

Phase 1 – understanding your eating

Over the first three days I worked through all of the material and did the quizzes. It made me feel very good to see that my bingeing and food addictions were going to be the main focus of attention. It wasn’t just another diet. I could really relate to the ideas behind it, too.

Jonny Bowden recommends taking a week to do all of that but I was done in 3 days, and since my bingeing was getting worse and worse I decided to put his low carb eating plan into action right away.

Phase 2 – the diet

I started started the eating plan on Friday, February 22nd, and began losing weight very fast. On the third morning I weighed myself and found I’d lost 7 lb. Wow! Of course, I had gained that weight very fast and very recently so I knew it would be mostly water, but I was still surprised it was so much. It was great to see the scale starting to move in a downward direction – and so fast!

On the downside, I had some respiratory symptoms and a little headache. I thought this might be detox from all the junk I had been eating before, but it turned out I’d caught a cold. I wasn’t as sick as I expected, though, and despite the illness I was already noticing I had more energy than before.

I was enjoying the food too. It’s a low carb plan but much more flexible than Atkins, which I’d tried before and given up because I just couldn’t eat so much meat and so few vegetables. This plan allows a lot more vegetables (unlimited, except for a couple of the very highest carb veggies) so it’s wonderful for me.

By day 5 I’d lost 10 lb but some of that must have been due to being sick. My weight went back up a little over the next couple of days and I finished the week with a loss of 8.5 lb.

More energy

Another bonus was that I was waking up earlier in the mornings. This was very weird for me. I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue for the last several years and I was used to feeling very tired and sluggish in the mornings, often not waking until 10 am.

So at first I was bothered about that. I was hungry when I woke so I thought maybe I wasn’t eating enough? So I ate a little more but it continued. In the end I realised it was perfectly natural. I wasn’t tired during the day at all. I just had more energy and I needed less sleep. Before I would often sleep for 9 hours, but on Unleash Your Thin it’s 7 hours max.


Somebody in the forum who was just about to start the plan herself asked if I had any cravings. This was my reply:

“It’s going great. I haven’t had any problems with cravings yet. I think if you stop having all of the nine [‘forbidden foods’] completely, it’s much easier than if you try to cut down or just give up some of them. Having a little bit of sugar or whatever is what gives you the craving for more. But maybe you should ask me in a few weeks LOL! It is still early, but I’m enjoying it a lot.”

Jonny Bowden’s new, improved diet plan is called The Metabolic Factor. If you want to lose weight and free your life of food cravings and addiction, why not take a look:

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  1. Pai You Guo

    I began my journey on Jan 1st and i weighed 261. Now, I’m all the way down to 143. I’m about to reward myself at 20 lbs .. I am down a size, and i am likely to get myself a pair snug denims. I’ll reward myself in the slightest degree twenty pound increments. I think many of the rewards will be some variety of clothing.


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