Unleash Your Thin Results: Week 2

Pork and Lentil Casserole

Pork and Lentil Casserole

March 8th, 2013

Weight: lost 5.5 pounds this week, total 14 pounds in 2 weeks (amazing!)

Waist: lost 1 inch this week, 2 inches in 2 weeks
Hips: lost a quarter inch this week, 0.25 inches in 2 weeks, those hips are stubborn!

Body fat: reduced by 2.3% total in 2 weeks
I’m now very close to the healthy body fat ratio for a woman of my age according to the chart here: body fat chart

Weight loss and my goals

I’m thrilled with my weight loss this week. I wasn’t so surprised to lose a lot in the first week because when you switch from junk food binges to a healthier diet, your body always drops some of the water it’s been holding to handle all the toxins you’ve been taking in. But I didn’t expect over 5 lb in my second week too.

In British terms that’s exactly a stone in 2 weeks! This is virtually all of the weight that I gained in my bingeing and dieting since December … and I’m more than half way to my goal of losing 25 lb on this program.

Of course, I know the remaining 11 lb won’t come off as fast as the first 14. I’d gained those pounds very quickly and so they were easier to shift. But I’m hoping that I will continue to lose at least 1 pound a week and reach my goal sometime in May.

No hunger

I’m not hungry! Well of course if I don’t eat for 6 hours or something I’d be hungry, but I don’t get hungry between regular meal times. No cravings, no problems with being tempted in the supermarket, I just walk straight to the vegetable aisle.

Something I expected to have a little trouble with was the amount of fruit that we can eat. I know I’d find it easier to have none than a little bit. But that’s been okay so far. I buy a pack of fruit and I leave them in the pack so they don’t look too tempting. I guess I could put them in the fridge – that might be even better.

Sometimes at the end of a meal I want to eat more than I had planned but I just wait 10 minutes (usually I wash the dishes and brush my teeth in that time) and after that time I realise I do feel full. It just takes my body a while to produce that feeling of having eaten enough.


My energy levels are still high and I’ve tentatively gone back to working full-time hours this week. It’s hard to describe how amazing that feels for somebody who’s had CFS for several years.

I wake each morning with tons of energy, looking forward to starting the day. My ‘brain fog’ seems to have gone too – I’m much more creative, coming up with ideas all of the time.

I’m so grateful to Jonny Bowden for showing me what was the cause of my problems. If you have anything similar – binge eating disorder, overweight or obesity, or just unexplained chronic health problems – I hope you’ll check out his new plan, The Metabolic Factor, and give it a try!

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