Unleash Your Thin Results: Week 6

smoked mackerel with courgetti

Smoked mackerel with spiralized zucchini (“courgetti”) and olive salad, homemade mayonnaise

April 6th, 2013

Weight: lost 4 lb in the past 2 weeks (17.5 lb lost in 6 weeks)

Waist: lost 1/2 inch this week, total 2.5 inches in 6 weeks
Hips: lost 1/2 inch this week, total 0.75 inches in 6 weeks

Body fat: now in the healthy range! 🙂

Last weekend was Easter and I wasn’t home. Being separated from my trusty electronic scale, I decided it was better not to weigh myself. Scales can vary so much, and the one at my mother’s house is very old. I grew up with it! So I skipped record keeping last week.

Easter is usually a terrible time for me with all the chocolate that’s around, but this year I had a great weekend with my family and I only ate 3 tiny chocolate eggs 🙂 oh and some potatoes … and probably some flour in sauces.

I didn’t gain over Easter at all. I was exactly the same weight back home on Monday morning.

But … I noticed my energy really dipped. In fact I’m only just back to my new ‘unleashed’ energetic self today, the Friday after Easter, four days after coming home. I couldn’t work at all this week.

In case you didn’t know, I have chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E. It’s been so much better since I started the Unleash Your Thin program. I haven’t figured out yet whether it’s the low carb element or not eating grains that is helping me so much, but the change has been amazing.

Unfortunately eating so many different things at Easter has meant I’ve gone right back into chronic fatigue and I’ve also missed the opportunity to test reintroducing grains the way you’re supposed to. The basic program is 6 weeks. Of course you can follow the eating plan for a lot longer than that, but toward the end of the 6 weeks you’re supposed to do some testing of different foods to see if you react.

So I definitely reacted, but I don’t know what to, because I was eating little bits of everything and having a lot more carbs.

Plan B

Next week: back to basics with no dairy or grains.

Week 8: start testing different grains but in a controlled way this time!

I just have 7.5 lb to lose now 🙂
… but I have the feeling I will be on a low carb diet program for a long time, even when I am at my ideal weight, just for the sake of what it does for my energy levels!


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