Unleash Your Thin Reviews

Like more and more people these days, you’ve probably tried losing weight before. Maybe you didn’t lose as much as you hoped. Maybe you did lose, but gained all or some of it back afterward. I’ve been there many times myself and I know how you feel.

Unleash Your Thin is a 2013 program from Dr Jonny Bowden and at first sight it might seem like just another diet. But there are a couple of things that make it very different from other diet plans that you may have tried.

Jonny Bowden’s new diet plan is The Metabolic Factor.
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Jonny claims he can show you a way to break free of the desire to overeat that is at the root of all our weight problems. At the same time, he recommends an easy-to-follow low carb diet plan that has helped a lot of people to lose weight fast.

I’ll tell you all about the program in a moment. First let me introduce myself. My name’s Rosemary and these are my photos:
Before and after 2 weeks on the program
The first one was taken at the weight that I was when I started Unleash Your Thin. The second was taken in early March 2013, after I’d lost 14 pounds on the program.

I lost those 14 pounds in 2 weeks with virtually no cravings, and I’m still losing two months later. I have tons more energy, I’ve stopped binge eating or even wanting to binge, and I seem to have recovered from the chronic fatigue that I’ve had for the last several years. It’s been an amazing experience for me.

So I guess I’m not an unbiased reviewer. But I do have real experience of following the program, which won’t be true of a lot of the Unleash Your Thin reviews that you might read. If you want to see me in person, you can watch my video here

But enough about me, right? Your question is: will it work for you?

I think so. I’ve seen other people’s results in the members’ forum (I’ll show you some of those later in this post) and I think Jonny Bowden’s diet programs would work for most anybody. But please read on to find out why.

It’s not your fault

Jonny Bowden’s first message is: if you’re overweight, it’s not your fault.

In the Fat Burning Blueprint that is just one part of this program, Jonny focuses on the question of food addiction. He talks about how food these days is manufactured to ‘hook’ us and how the low fat diets that the establishment recommends simply push us into buying more and more addicting foods. That’s why so many of us are overweight in the first place, and also why it’s so hard to lose.

Jonny Bowden says that even if you don’t think you’re addicted to any foods, you probably are. If you’re heavier than you want to be, if you’ve been on diets before and gained the weight back after, if you can’t stop eating certain foods after ‘just one’ … then you surely are.

What’s in Unleash Your Thin?

There are 4 parts to the program:

1. The 130-page Fat Burning Blueprint that sets out step by step how to lose your unwanted pounds and keep them off.

2. The 77-page Craving Crusher Action Guide that tells you all you need to know to overcome your food cravings and addictions. I have a printed copy of this and the Fat Burning Blueprint and I refer to them often.

There are quizzes to fill out before you start and again after 3 weeks and 6 weeks on the program, to monitor your progress. It’s worth taking the time to do this because looking back at your results will be a huge motivator later.

3. A 10-Minute Meal Guide including day-by-day meal plan, shopping list and recipe guide.

You don’t have to follow the meal plan but it’s there if you want it. There are a lot of delicious recipes too. Getting bored is one of the big dangers of any diet – you can beat it before it even starts with all of the ideas in here.

4. Membership of the supportive private forum where you’ll meet other people following the program. If you want to post there you’ll find you get a lot of support and encouragement from others.

You can learn a lot from seeing how other people are getting along with the program too. I’ll show you just a few people’s results in a moment – there are tons more inside.

Along with all of that you get some surprise bonuses inside the members’ area that I won’t reveal! And if you want you can add other things to your order, including ‘Bulletproof Your Mind‘, an audio download/CD that can help you keep your mind focused on attaining your weight loss goals.

Why should you listen to a former drug addict?

It may surprise you to hear that Jonny Bowden is open about having been addicted to drugs and alcohol in the past, as well as food. He’s recovered from all of those addictions by following a system like the one he recommends for us in the Craving Crusher Action Guide.

At first, it might seem weird for you to be taking advice from a former drug addict (it did for me).

Just keep in mind that somebody who has quit a hugely addicting substance like heroin – and also quit the methadone that doctors recommend as an alternative – must have figured out a good system for dealing with addiction.

This is what he can give you: the possibility of breaking free of your food addictions to cake, chocolate, pizza, whatever it is – for ever.

I decided I would listen to anybody who can free me from my binges, cravings and addictions. You might want to do the same.

Simple and flexible

You may already know that low carb diets work. I knew it. I’ve done Atkins before and I did lose weight. But I was soon sick of carb counting and I wanted to eat more vegetables and less meat.

What I like best about Jonny Bowden’s diet plans is that it’s so simple and flexible. There’s no carb counting and no talk about being in or out of ketosis. And you don’t have to keep a food journal.

If you’ve lost weight with low carb diets before, you’ll love this one. If you haven’t, try it because a low carb diet plan is not like other diets. You can eat plenty and you’re not thinking about food all the time. You won’t have the same hunger and cravings that you have on other diets.

Interested? You can check out Dr Jonny Bowden’s latest planThe Metabolic Factor here.

What other people say

It’s not just me who’s losing weight fast with Unleash Your Thin. Here are some comments from other people in the members’ area:

My bf lost 6 lbs this past week and I have lost 11. We are so excited and it feels great not to even be tempted by foods we cannot have. This program is just awesome and so darn easy!!!!! I have never been on anything so easy!” – Elizabeth T*.

Have lost 9.5 lbs so far! [in one week] I am so grateful that I am once again on the *downhill* side of the scale! I am so grateful for this program!” – Daria T.

“I stepped on the scales today and I was 4.3 pounds lighter…This has NEVER, EVER happened to me in my entire life. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are on to something here…” – June E.

* I have changed members’ names to protect their privacy but I can provide screenshots of the actual comments if required.

The downside

The main issue I had with Unleash Your Thin was that Jonny suggests you spend a week working through the Cravings Crusher Action Guide worksheets to figure out exactly where you are with food addictions etc before you change anything in your diet. That may be a great idea in theory but for me, in practice, it didn’t work too well. I found I was using that time to have a massive binge before the diet began!
Note: The Metabolic Factor is different – you’ll get started right away.

So I started the low carb diet plan after 3 or 4 days. From that moment on, it was fine but of course the bingeing was an unhealthy thing to do. It’s also probably part of the reason why I lost so much weight in the first couple of weeks: some of it will be from that binge (although not all). Anyway, if you have a tendency to binge eat, you might want to do the same as me and start the eating plan earlier than he suggests.

Discount and purchase advice

I paid $47 for the program and I don’t regret that, I’m glad I got it when I did because I’m now only 15 pounds (update, June 2013: now 5 pounds) from my goal weight.

But there’s good news for you because there’s now a $10 discount so it’s just $37. How does that compare with what you’re currently spending on junk food? And it’s a one-time payment!

There’s a money-back guarantee for 60 days so you can try it risk-free. It’s available as an instant download too so you can get started right away.

Just be sure to order from the official site because that’s the only way that you can get the whole package.

To buy or not to buy?

Based on my own experience and what I’ve seen of reviews from everybody else inside the membership area who’s following the plan right now, I know that this is a weight loss program that works. I think most anybody could follow it and lose weight with it. In my experience it’s easy to keep the weight off, too.

The most important part of it for me is the way it helps you to beat food addiction so that you can keep “your thin” after you reach your goal weight.

So I’m happy to recommend Jonny Bowden’s low carb diet plans to you, but I recommend you get the latest version, The Metabolic Factor. Try it for yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose – except that excess weight!

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30 comments on “Unleash Your Thin Reviews

  1. Carol

    Hi Rosemary. I did the New You in 22 and then bought the Unleash your Thin because I wanted to take part in more of a community. I’ve been thrown off my game by the differences between the two. I assumed that Phase 2 of Unleash your Think would be the New You in 22, but it’s not. The beans are a big difference, and of course the lack of carb cycling (carb feasts). I do realize that the 22 day plan is a kickstart, but he also says you can remain on it.

    Did this throw you at all? can you offer any suggestions for me? I’m getting off track struggling with this.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Carol,
      I preferred to switch to Unleash Your Thin after finishing the 22 days of New You, but you could stay on New You if you prefer. I think it’s important to pick one or the other, though, and don’t combine the beans and the carb feasts, or you’ll be having too many carbs in total.
      You could alternate every 3 weeks if you wanted. I prefer not to overcomplicate things, however!

  2. PP

    Hi rosemary,

    I live in India and am a vegetarian though I do eat eggs. I really wonder how a low carb diet will work for me as I don’t know what protein to eat and eggs alone will not be something that I can eat for every meal…. Do you still think that Unleash Your Thin will work for me? Thanks.

  3. Bill

    Hi Rosemary,
    I just started reading the book four days ago, and it makes lots of sense. I agree with you about all the written exercises in the first week. My wife bought the book, but it went unused until I picked it up last week. She thinks she got it from the website and that it included the membership, but she’s not sure. Until I can get on the forum, could you answer one question for me? Does Jonny distinguish between white potatoes and sweet potatoes? I can’t find anywhere in the material where he mentions this. Thanks.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Bill, I did a search of the Fat Burning Blueprint ebook and on page 101 he says, “In Phase 3 we’re going to reintroduce two classes of food that we eliminated during Phase 2: 1. Dairy, 2. Grains (wheat and others) and starches (sweet potatoes and others)”

      So the answer to your question is no, potatoes and sweet potatoes are treated the same way, as starches that are ruled out until phase 3.

      Good luck with the plan!

  4. ajay

    hi rosemary, im 13 and ive joined the diet plan, i wanted to ask you how long will the weight start to loose off, ive definetly seem a difference in my eating ways, and can you eat lots of protein , and are we allowed to eat somethimg like chappati, or wraps please contact me ASAP* thank you 🙂

    as soon as possible

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Ajay
      Congratulations on starting the plan! You should start to see some weight loss right away if you are following the plan. You can eat lots of protein, but not things like chappati and wraps that contain flour or other high carb foods like rice and potatoes.
      I hope it goes well for you

  5. Charles P

    I am wondering about the change in eating habits, I am a cyclist and I been riding for about a year, my eating habits have change a great deal, no sugar (really only a little) no white bread, however I do eat pasta for the carbs anycase my stomach does not seem to move like the rest of my body, while i am swapping out fat for muscle my stomach won’t budge I say all that to say this what else can I do I am 53 years of age and if your system works then I am really willing to try however I don’t want to waste my time, remember I said I am a cyclist so I do need the carbs.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Charles, I am not a fitness expert but just a successful user of this diet, so I am not sure if I can answer your question, but two things strike me:
      1. Maybe cycling is not using your stomach muscles and that’s why you’re seeing changes in other areas but not the stomach?
      2. If you want to try Unleash Your Thin there is a phase where you add back certain carbs and you might decide to do that right from the start instead of cutting them out for the first few weeks like the rest of us do.
      There is a refund policy if it doesn’t work but it’s better to go into it with a positive mindset and not be thinking about that.
      I hope that helps

  6. sarah

    Hi, rosemary. I am 18 years old and live a very busy life. I’ve lost 20 lbs in the past with diet and exercise alone, but anything past that is very difficult for me. I am currently 185 lbs and wish to lose much more. Since I am in college and work full time while living with my parents, it makes me a little uneasy about trying a diet plan like this. Do you think that this plan could work well with my hectic lifestyle?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Sarah, I don’t think the hectic lifestyle is an issue as long as you can control your meals. If you feel you have to eat whatever your mom cooks, you might have some trouble, but if you can avoid the desserts and focus on protein foods and vegetables you will be fine. For lunches I most often go for a chicken salad, or a hamburger and salad but don’t eat the patty and no fries. But really if you can get your mom behind you on this you will not have a problem.
      Good luck with your weight loss,

  7. Hayley

    Hi There
    Have been reading your review and was just writing to ask once you reach your goal weight with this program then is there a way to add the carbs back in with out putting the weight on again?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Hayley, yes you can add some carbs back, but of course you have to be careful not to go back to overeating.

  8. Zyra

    Hi so i honestly have been searching all over the internet for reviews about this program. I don’t want to insult you or anything but I am a bit of a skeptic. I really want to believe that this works but I just dont want to spend the money and have it be useless. So basically the question I am going to ask (which I am sure is redundant) does it work? I am 20 years old and am 40lbs over weight. But its not like its a recent weight gain. I have been overweight all my life. I guess I am tired of it now and I really want to change my life style especially since I am living on my own now and am away from the temptations I have at home.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Zyra, it does work if you follow it. I think the emphasis on figuring out your eating/food addiction issues is what makes it different from other diets and easier to stick with. There is a refund policy if it doesn’t work but it’s better to go into it with a positive mindset and not be thinking about that. You could give it a try and use the quizzes to work up your motivation if you need more convincing.

      Good luck, Rosemary

  9. Andy

    Hi Rosemary, I am using a fake name so I won’t embarrass myself hope you don’t mind. Well I am turning 12 soon and I am overweight. I am currently 150 pounds. A lot of diets and exercise plans are not working. I don’t know if I should ask my parents to purchase this purchase this program because I’m not sure if it will really work for me. It’s pretty unbelievable that just not craving junk food will help you loss weight without exercising. I just don’t know what can help me because it’s really embarrassing walk around school while people are making fun of me because there skinny and I’m not. Trying to somehow loss 30lbs I could really use you idea.
    Thank You

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Andy,
      I don’t know if you saw my answer to Thomas (age 15) above? A lot of the same advice applies but sounds like you have tried more diets than Thomas in the past, so if you want to try a low carb plan you might want to ask your parents what they think about Unleash Your Thin but again don’t cut out whole food groups like grains or dairy products (unless you are allergic to them) under the age of 16. If you eat a lot of cheese you might try to reduce that, but don’t stop drinking milk because you need it for bone growth.

      If you get the plan, I’d suggest you start as if it was already week 4.

      Cutting down on sugar and junk food is vital and that includes some things you might not think of as junk food like pizza, crispy coatings on fish or chicken wings, most desserts, sweet drinks. Even fruit juice is mostly sugar because it’s been stripped of the natural fiber in the fruit. Choose whole fruit instead if you can, and drink mostly water (and milk).

      If you let me know what you eat and drink in a typical day (with approximate quantities) I might be able to help more. But I should add I am not a doctor or a trained nutritionist.

      Best wishes, Rosemary

  10. Ryan

    Hi. I’m 19 and I’ve tried the exercise more and eat healthier but I always got really fatigued after a week. In this diet plan, people mentioned how he or she has had more energy. Would this diet plan be able to help me lose the unwanted fat with out my body getting tired and help gain muscle when being used with an exercise program. I’m not overweight, but I’m not happy with my body. Is this program something that can help me out or should I try something different.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Ryan, Yes I think something like Unleash Your Thin could work well for you. You might feel more tired in the first few days while things work out of your system but after 5-10 days most people seem to have a lot more energy than before. Start reintroducing foods gradually at the time that Jonny suggests and you might find that something specific is causing your fatigue.
      I hope it works well for you, Rosemary

  11. Thomas

    Hello Rosemary! I’ve been wanting to burn the fat off my body, and to be slim again (one day). One afternoon, I stumbled upon Jonny’s “Unleash Your Thin” weight loss guide. I’m 15, 190 lbs (overweight) and I’m just asking for your guidance and to lend me some advice. Is the program easy? Does the program work? Also since I’m still young (but I have a body of an adult) do you think I should ask my parents to purchase the product for me, or should I just diet and just run outside everyday? I’m kind of nervous on asking my parents to purchase this product, but at the same time I really want to be slim, and healthy again. So should I ask my parent’s to buy the weight loss guide, or should I just diet and exercise everyday (what I’ve been doing for the past week, but with slow results). I really need your opinion. Thanks Rosemary and congrats on your weight loss success.

    P.S I used a fake name to not reveal my true name. I hope you don’t mind.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Thomas, thanks for your question. It’s fine to use a fake name but I hope your email was real because I’m going to email you this reply as well as posting it here 🙂

      Since you’re 15, I don’t think you need the Unleash Your Thin program. You shouldn’t be cutting out whole food groups at that age (especially not dairy unless you’re allergic) and you probably don’t need the food addiction quizzes as much as an older person.

      More exercise would be great, either running or take up a sport at school, and a couple of changes to your diet and you should lose weight naturally. Try these dietary changes:

      1. Aim to cut right down on sugar and anything that contains it (sodas, cakes, desserts – have whole fruit instead).

      2. Cut down on things containing flour like pizza, pasta and bread – maybe not cutting them out completely but having less.

      3. Eat more vegetables (except potatoes) and meat and fish to fill you up.

      Don’t worry if your weight loss seems slow. As long as you are losing, even if it’s only half a pound some weeks, it’s great and you should congratulate yourself. Trying to go too fast could result in yoyo dieting that could end up giving you weight issues in years to come. For those of us who are older, that’s often how our problems started – by trying to lose faster or lose more than we needed to lose when we were teenagers. Let it come off naturally, more some weeks than others, and you will learn healthy habits that will be an asset for the rest of your life.

      Very best wishes,

  12. Teresa

    Did you have to share this testimonial to not be charged more? It says on the order page “Less Discount if you Share your success story”

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Oh no, I’ve never been asked for a testimonial at all. I think that might just be a way to make it look like you’re saving a lot of money … or if they do ask for anything (which they haven’t with me and it’s 3 months now), I’m sure it would only be something short for their website. You wouldn’t have to write a whole review like I’ve done here!

  13. Janice

    Do you actually receive any of the 6 items, Craving Crusher Guide Booklet, Meals in minutes Recipe Booklet, Video, Unleash Your Thin, and others outlined on the official webpage by mail? Or is everything only available via the internet on the website only? Thanks for explaining this please..

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Janice, I think there was an option to receive things by mail but since I didn’t pick that option I don’t remember what was included. I’ll ask the question for you inside and let you know.

      The regular version is an instant download to your computer. So you don’t have to keep going back to the internet to read it – you just download once and then you have it to keep – and you don’t need a special ebook reader either. It’s a format called PDF that you can read on any computer.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Kathy, you can get them as an upgrade after you get the regular downloadable version, but I just printed them myself on my printer! You don’t need to print out all of it if you don’t want to, but you’ll certainly want to print out the worksheets section of the Craving Crusher Action Guide.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      LOL! It’s not, it just looks that way because it’s tied up in the first picture. It’s actually shorter in the second picture because I had it cut between the two.


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