Metabolic Prime Review: new Jade Teta program

Metabolic Prime is a new program from Dr Jade Teta that claims to be the world’s fastest workout. You do “metabolic meta-bursts” of 45 seconds of exercise (yes, seconds, not minutes) for a total of less than one hour a WEEK of activity. From that, they say you can reverse metabolic aging, burn fat, sculpt a fit body and increase your energy.

Those are big claims! In this Metabolic Prime review, we’ll examine the basis of the program and whether the statements seem justified.

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What is the Metabolic Prime program?

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Dr Jade Teta

Metabolic Prime offers a program of quick and intense exercises, designed to help you lose fat fast by boosting your metabolism. You exercise in short 45-second bursts and then rest. The plan was designed by Dr Jade Teta, an integrative physician who runs a metabolic clinic in North Carolina.

Dr Teta says people of any age (even over 60s) can do these exercises and will see results fast. The idea is that they reset your metabolism and turn back on your teenage fat burning genes.

The program only takes a few minutes a day, adding up to 45 minutes per week. Not per day – per WEEK! That’s not much time, so it will fit into the schedule of the busiest person. No special equipment is needed and you can do the movements at home or in your workplace, anywhere really, you don’t have to go to a gym. You don’t have to do long cardio sessions, either. According to Dr Teta, this program is all you need.

The program comes with a full set of videos either by instant download or DVDs shipped to your home. If you choose the DVDs you get the instant download version too, so you can start right away.

The short, intense and quick exercises are designed to work the muscles at maximum intensity for the least effort. It’s not necessary to exercise for long stretches of time. Most of the fat burning effect happens after the workout ends.

This type of training switches on our metabolic activators, says Dr Teta. This helps you burn more fat, sculpt a lean body, strengthen bones and tune up the digestive system. He even says it can help the brain work better.

So let’s ask the big question for any Metabolic Prime review:

Does Metabolic Prime work?

Metabolic Prime has been designed with real people in mind, and tested on a wide range of participants. Jade Teta figured out what worked for his personal clients, and designed this program to offer the same thing to people outside his local area. It’s based on his previous program Metabolic Aftershock, which has been hugely successful for people all over the world. (And by the way if you already have Metabolic Aftershock you’ll find that Metabolic Prime is very similar.)

You’ll be most likely to benefit if you fit the profile of the average successful user of the program. That means if you’re either overweight or ‘skinny fat’ (i.e. within the healthy BMI range, but flabby and unfit). It can work for young people but it’s especially effective for over 35’s. Older people report feeling and looking from 10-20 years younger – you can see the evidence and some of their before and after photos on the website here.

Is it safe? That’s a good question, especially if you are older or in any kind of risk group. The answer is that it’s safer than a lot of other forms of exercise. It doesn’t put your body under strain for long periods of time, stress your back, or cause the joint damage that something like running can do. However, you should always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program, especially if you have health issues.

What about diet? If you need to lose weight, Metabolic Prime can help you by increasing your metabolism so that you burn more fat even while resting. Of course, you’ll lose more if you follow a healthy diet. Advice on diet comes with the plan. But the most important thing is not to eat more to compensate for the exercise you’re doing. You could eat the same as you eat now and lose weight slowly by burning more calories, but if you follow the diet advice, you’ll likely lose faster.

Who can benefit from Metabolic Prime

You’ll likely benefit most from Jade Teta’s Metabolic Prime program if you want to lose fat and/or tone up your body.

It’s especially good for over 35’s (right up to seniors). Younger people can do other types of exercise without too much risk, but some types of exercise can injure those of us in our late 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. For example, weight lifting or long cardio sessions can stress the heart, cause joint injuries or damage the back.

The short bursts of exercise required in this program are perfect for people with busy schedules or people who dislike exercise and get bored quickly.

Many of us have the experience of having started an exercise program and quit because it was too time consuming. Then any muscle that has been built, quickly turns back to fat. You can avoid that situation by picking a program like Metabolic Prime that’s simple, easy to remember and quick to do.

Who will not benefit from the program

If you’re already getting plenty of exercise and you enjoy it, you likely don’t need this program. If you enjoy going to the gym or working out in a group exercise class three times a week or more, you’re probably getting the exercise you need.

This program is more suited to people who don’t enjoy exercise, don’t like working out in groups or don’t have the money or the time to join a gym. It’s quick and you don’t need machines. It might also be good for people who are doing only one type of exercise, where some muscles are worked much harder than others, and you need to balance that up.

Again, if you already own Metabolic Aftershock, you’ll find they’re very similar. This is an update and you might not need it. There are extra bonuses and you may want to get it anyway to remotivate yourself, but the original program worked so well that Jade Teta has not made a lot of changes.

If you’ve read this far in our Metabolic Prime reviews, you won’t expect it to work by magic. The exercises are very quick – short bursts of activity 45 seconds long followed by a rest, total 45 minutes in a WEEK. That’s only 15 minutes a day for 3 days and nothing on the other 4 days. But you do have to give it that time. It’s not enough to just sit on the couch and watch the videos 😉

However … if you’re very unfit, you can start on the couch, and do the lowest level moves there. There are different levels according to your fitness, and you can move through them as you improve. That’s why it can cover such a range of ages and fitness levels. Jade Teta says the oldest person following the program so far was aged 83.

Be sure to take the rest breaks, and as we’ve said before, talk to your doctor before starting. Remember that the body burns fat AFTER exercise not during it, so rest breaks are vital for your success.

Guarantee, price, and where to buy Metabolic Prime

Metabolic Prime reviewsThe initial launch price for Metabolic Prime is just $37 for the instant download version, plus shipping and handling if you also want DVDs shipped to your home. The shipping cost depends on where you live in the world. After the initial launch period, the price will increase. See today’s price here

Even at the higher price, it’s great value when you think how much you might pay for a year’s gym membership, a personal trainer or an exercise class.

There’s a full 90 day money back guarantee, so you can return it for a refund (less S&H) if you’re not satisfied.

Metabolic Prime is only available from the official website – see the link at the end of this review. You won’t find it in stores.

Metabolic Prime review summary

With Metabolic Prime, you can exercise smarter, not harder. It’s aimed especially at the over 35’s right up to seniors, and takes only 15 minutes per day, 3 times a week. We think you’ll be amazed at the results.

All the details are on the page at the link below. Click through to see today’s price and feedback from a lot of happy customers.

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Metabolic Prime reviews

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