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Hi and welcome to my site!

My name’s Rosemary and in February 2013 I joined a new weight loss program by Jonny Bowden. Nobody seemed to know about this easy low carb diet plan and I wanted to help to publicize it, so I started this site to record my progress and my results.

I can’t set out exactly how the diet works because the information is copyright, but I’ll give you some tips, post pictures on here of some of my meals, maybe the occasional recipe (though I’m not exactly the world’s greatest cook!) and, of course, my weight loss results and progress, along with my weight loss story. This eating plan is way easier than Atkins but for me at least, it works just as well. You can see my review of it here.

Food addictions are tough but they can be beaten! Whatever path you’re on, I wish you every success.

Rosemary C.

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