Unleash Your Thin Results: Week 3

Before and after 2 weeks on the program
March 15th, 2013

Weight: lost 0.5 lb this week, 14.5 lb total in 3 weeks

Measurements: no change this week, total lost 2 inches from waist and 1/4 inch from hips

I’m fine with this. I lost tons of weight in the first two weeks and I think it’s natural that my body wants to slow down and take a breath.

I stuck to the plan with one tiny exception, despite having two lunches in restaurants. I ate salad both times.I was happy with that. I felt completely satisfied even though one time everybody around me was eating pizza and cheesecake. Their food smelled good but when I really thought about it, I knew that I didn’t want to eat it and get back into all of that.

Yesterday my restaurant salad included feta cheese. I chose that one over the other salads that all included grains because I’m thinking that grains could be the cause of the fatigue that has plagued me the past few years and I don’t want to add them back until I have to.

I didn’t notice any problems after eating the feta, even though I’m mildly lactose intolerant.

How I Did on the Quizzes

The ‘Cravings Crusher’ section of Unleash Your Thin has a series of quizzes that we fill out before starting the eating plan (in week 0), after 3 weeks on the plan and after 6 weeks.

These quizzes are great for helping you see the different effects that your eating habits are having on you. You start to see how much our emotions, health and other problems are affected by what we eat.

So I did those this morning. Here are the results (note that for most of them, a low score is best; the only exception is Good Habits where a high score is best):

Health and Wellness quiz: improved by 9 points (32 to 23)
Behavioral quiz: improved by 14 points (20 to 6)
Good Habits quiz: improved by 5 points (8 to 13)
Emotional quiz: improved by 22 points (42 to 20)
Addiction quiz: improved by 15 points (53 to 38)

The Addiction quiz covers the past 6 weeks so for that one I still had to count the 3 weeks before I started the plan. The others related to the past 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

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