Unleash Your Thin Program Results: Week 4

Bacon breakfast

Bacon breakfast

March 22nd, 2013

Weight: 1 lb gain this week 🙁 (13.5 lb lost in total)
Measurements: no change
Body fat: no change

I know exactly what went wrong this week. It wasn’t the Unleash Your Thin program, it was me. I was doing fine – in fact I had lost 2 lb – until the middle of the week. Then I fell on ice and hurt my back.

I had to take ibuprofen and I couldn’t find a brand that didn’t contain sugar. Suddenly I was having huge cravings. I ate a week’s nut rations in one day and the next day was worse.

But I stopped taking the ibuprofen yesterday and got back on track.

Feeling very motivated to continue now I can see exactly what sugar has been doing to me!


The back pain has stopped me this week, but usually I walk for at least a half hour every day. I also do some stretching and easy strength training exercises at home (things like standing on tiptoes or lifting an iron pan lid!).

There’s no particular exercise plan in the program. I guess everybody knows it helps to do some exercise if you can, but losing weight doesn’t depend on it. However, if you want to firm up while you lose, I recommend Metabolic Prime (click to see my review).

Too many carbs?

Another issue: I think I’ve been eating too many starchy vegetables and legumes (beans, peas, lentils). They’re allowed on the program but you’re supposed to apply moderation. I think my idea of moderation might be different from Dr. Jonny’s 😉

For example, one evening I ate the meal that you can see here – prawn stirfry with mashed butternut squash. (Sorry about the quality of the photo – it was dark and I guess the flash didn’t work!)

Prawn Stirfry with Squash

Prawn stirfry with mashed squash

This was before I was taking the medication, but the meal wasn’t a success. It was delicious, but as you can see, there’s a large portion of squash there. The next day I woke feeling sluggish and lacking energy – not as bad as I used to be, but definitely not the ‘Unleashed’ self that I have come to know.

I’ll need to test more later, of course, but it looks like maybe it is carbs that were making me tired and not gluten, wheat or some other thing. There’s no gluten in squash. So that was interesting…

An inspiring post…

This week in the forum there’s a post from somebody who has been following the Unleash Your Thin program for 7 months. It’s a new program so there aren’t many people like that and it’s wonderful to hear from somebody who had the opportunity to test it so early.

She’s lost 44 pounds but the biggest change has been in her health. She used to have asthma so bad she couldn’t walk down her driveway without pain and breathing difficulties. Now she can walk 3 miles with no trouble at all. It’s so inspiring to read about people like that!

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