Unleash Your Thin Vegetarian and Vegan

Salad with pumpkin seeds

Salad with peas and pumpkin seeds

You may be surprised to see me recommending Unleash Your Thin for vegetarians. It’s a low carb diet, and most people assume that low carb diets are going to be difficult for vegetarians and vegans. So what’s different here?

It’s true that if you’re vegetarian (not eating meat, poultry or fish) or vegan (not eating meat, poultry, fish, eggs or dairy) you will be more restricted than the average dieter, but I guess that’s true with most weight loss diets that you might want to try except for pure calorie counting (and I don’t know if you’ve ever tried that, but I find it virtually impossible). Any time that a diet tells you not to eat something, it usually cuts out something that vegans and vegetarians rely on heavily.

But if you’re an overweight vegan or vegetarian then you probably already know that you’ve been eating more of some things than you should. Even vegans have junk food options these days, and they can be very addicting.

The worst foods you can eat

In fact, the most addicting foods you could possibly eat are the refined high carb foods at the very top of the glycemic index – like sugar and white flour. These are also the foods that cause us to store the most fat, as Jonny Bowden explains in the Fat Burning Blueprint that comes with this program.

Vegetarians and vegans may eat as much of these high glycemic foods as anybody else. That’s why vegetarians and vegans may be just as overweight as anybody else, despite avoiding all of the fat that’s in meat. Fat in our food is not what causes fat on our bodies.

The advantages of Unleash Your Thin for vegetarians and vegans

There are several benefits to following this program rather than another weight loss diet. First, you’ll find that cravings are much lower. After six weeks on the program you could have beaten them completely. This will make it easier not to be tempted to eat things that contain ‘hidden’ animal ingredients, which is a problem for some vegetarians.

Then you’ll already be used to having a restricted diet and eating differently than those around you because it comes with the territory, so you might have an advantage over ‘omnivores’ there.

What’s in the plan

It’s true that this is a low carb diet but it’s much more flexible than Atkins for those who don’t eat animal products because it allows unlimited vegetables with just a couple of exceptions. Atkins is virtually impossible for a vegan because you can’t eat beans, nuts or even carrots, at least during induction. Unleash Your Thin is a lot easier than that!

Right from the start it allows you to have:

  • unlimited vegetables (except potatoes, corn and sweet potatoes), including pumpkin, carrots etc
  • unlimited peas, beans and lentils
  • one portion of nuts or seeds per day
  • a small amount of fruit

If you eat eggs, those are unlimited too.

If you want to know more about the plan, please see my full Unleash Your Thin review.

What’s not allowed

Dr Bowden recommends that you don’t eat dairy for the first 3 weeks. This kickstarts your weight loss and also allows you to check whether you might have lactose intolerance, milk allergies or other issues with dairy foods. I guess if you’re vegetarian you could cut that down to 2 weeks, but I haven’t checked that with Jonny.

Later in the program you can also add grains. You just don’t get to add back anything containing sugar and a few other foods.

So really, it’s only the first few weeks that you’ll need to adjust anything major – except for cutting out junk foods, of course. And you shouldn’t be hungry because you can have all the healthy oils you want.

For vegans

For vegans, not eating eggs, it will be more challenging to follow the plan exactly. But I know there are vegans who have issues with food addiction, either slipping off the vegan diet to binge or just being unable to resist vegan chocolate, junk food and sweet treats.

If that’s you, the guidance on Jonny Bowden’s diet plans could be life-changing because he will open your eyes to the reasons for your issues with food.

From there you can decide for yourself how to tweak your diet to overcome the addictions, or contact support for advice on what to eat.

The Verdict

There’s a money-back guarantee so there’s no need to worry about the ‘low carb’ label. The best way to find out if it will work for you is to try it.

If you’re addicted to certain foods like sugar and flour products like I was, this plan could save your sanity, your health and maybe even your life. You’ll likely lose weight too. I did!


Jonny Bowden has a new diet plan out. It doesn’t have so many vegetarian and vegan choices, but you might want to substitute with the foods listed above. The new plan is called The Metabolic Factor and I highly recommend it.

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3 comments on “Unleash Your Thin Vegetarian and Vegan

  1. Jaya K

    I am a vegetarian since birth (due to religion and later by choice) and anemic and have hypethyroidism (taking synthroid for this). I would like to know if there are enought things for me in this diet to follow. I have been trying to lose weight for a long time now.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Jaya, yes I think so, and in any case there is a money back guarantee so you can see for yourself without any risk. Your best chance of success however is not to think about refunds too much but go into it with determination. You may want to tweak the plan a little bit as I suggest in this article, reintroducing certain foods earlier or even not cutting them out at all, but it’s important to make a real commitment and have a positive attitude. Good luck on your journey!


      1. Ratanda

        There are many different options on diet and it’s always a hot topic but I am eating healthier than I ever have in my life (especially more greens!) and feel FABULOUS. Plus of course I’m no longer dealing with the health issues that I faced when I was overweight and eating badly. *THANK YOU*


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