Craving Crusher Action Guide Review

Craving Crusher Action GuideThe Craving Crusher Action Guide is a step-by-step plan for overcoming overeating and food addictions. Designed by Dr Jonny Bowden, it was part of his Unleash Your Thin diet program.

But why would you need the Craving Crusher Action Guide if you can just follow the diet, and does it work? Let’s take a look.

What’s In The Craving Crusher Action Guide?

Jonny Bowden based the Cravings Crusher Guide on the steps that he himself took to successfully quit not only food cravings but other addictions that he’d suffered from earlier in his life.

It’s a 77-page book or ebook full of practical quizzes that will help you eliminate cravings with the aim of making it much easier for you to stick to this diet (or any diet).

There’s also an excellent tracking system in Metabolic Renewal – click to see my review.

The main point of the Craving Crusher Action plan is that we are all different and we need to do certain things for ourselves. A diet, however perfect on paper, only works if we make it our own and find our own ways and reasons to stick to it.

Unless we’re locked in a room and force fed, we’re in control of what we eat. We need to see exactly what is going on with our eating habits both before we start the diet and while we’re losing weight, so that we can spot any problem areas quickly and take care of them.

This means we have to figure a few things out for ourselves. This is what the Cravings Crusher Action Guide helps you do. It takes you through the steps of:

  • making a commitment to yourself
  • setting your goals
  • identifying your personal triggers and traps, so that you can avoid them
  • how you will apply the eating plan in your own life
  • why you eat unhealthy foods, and how to replace them with good things in your life

It doesn’t tell you what to do. It just points you in the direction where you can figure out for yourself what’s best for YOU.

Why Do You Need It?

You’ve probably had the experience of losing weight and then gaining it back again. This has happened to me a ton of times so I guess it’s probably happened to you too. There are two reasons why this happens:

1. Trying to follow a crash diet that’s impossible to stick to for more than a couple of weeks (I don’t recommend you do that, ever!)

2. Self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is where you set yourself up to fail even though you’re on a good diet like Jonny Bowden’s Metabolic Factor where you have good nutrition and can eat any time you’re hungry.

The problem with diets – even the best diets – is that we go off track so easily.

You’ve probably heard people who don’t have a weight problem say things like, “You don’t need to go on a special diet. Why not do what I do and just have a little of everything?”

Why not? Because we’re not like them! We can’t just have a little, because we’re hooked on certain foods and when we start, it’s very hard to stop.

The Craving Crusher Action Guide has a whole set of quizzes and worksheets for you to fill out that will show you exactly what’s going on with this process in YOUR own life: how it’s affecting your physical health and what it’s doing to your emotions and your mind.

It will show you where are the triggers or landmines that could sabotage your efforts, so you can avoid them.

It will also help you set up other things to do instead of overeating – things that can satisfy the same needs that you’re currently using high calorie foods for – whether it’s comfort eating, stress release, conflict with other people or whatever are the triggers that you’ve identified for your overeating.

Is There A Downside?

I’ll be honest with you here: I found the Craving Crusher Action Guide opened my eyes to what I’d been doing wrong before and how I could avoid making the same mistakes again, and I’m 100% sure it will help you stick to the diet, lose weight and keep it off this time …

but only if you actually do all of the quizzes!

It’s not enough just to read them. You have to print them off and fill them out. It does take a little time but you don’t have to do it all at one time. In fact, Jonny Bowden suggests you spread this over a week, but I did it in 3 or 4 days.

Then at different points in the first 6 weeks of the weight loss program you get to go through again and write in your results so far. This is great because your first enthusiasm might be wearing thin and it’s SO encouraging to see how far you’ve come at that point.

It’s also important to come back to the Guide and read through your answers any time you are tempted away from the eating plan. It will help you get straight back on track.

All in all, the Cravings Crusher Action Guide will help you build up a personalized plan for success that makes it way more likely that you’ll succeed with your weight loss goals – and stay at your target weight this time!

The Metabolic Factor is Jonny Bowden’s latest diet plan. If you want to say goodbye to overeating and lose weight easily without cravings, this could be the plan for you.

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