Metabolic Renewal Review

Metabolic Renewal is a unique weight loss program for women, designed to suit your individual hormonal requirements. With this plan, they claim you get to create a diet, exercise and lifestyle plan that suits YOU.

Does this work for all women, and more importantly, will it work for you? In this Metabolic Renewal review, we’ll take a closer look to see exactly what you get in the plan, how it works, who it’s right for, and who it’s not right for.

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What is Metabolic Renewal?

Metabolic Renewal - what's in the box

What’s in the box

Metabolic Renewal is a holistic approach to losing weight, designed especially for women. You follow a slightly different plan according to your stage of life and hormonal profile, which is easily figured out using an online questionnaire.

Metabolic Renewal is a 12-week program that integrates the diet, exercise, and lifestyle plans recommended and customized according to your profile. If you need longer to reach your goal weight and shape, you simply repeat the program, increasing the intensity of the exercises if you wish.

Jade Teta photo

Dr Jade Teta

You’ll get the Metabolic Renewal Roadmap containing the flexible diet plan, including recipes. You also get a DVD of graded exercises to do for just 15 minutes, 3 times a week. You can adapt these to suit your individual needs.

The plan is designed to help you lose fat fast by combining short, intense bursts of exercise with a protein-based eating program that doesn’t involve counting calories or going hungry. It was developed by integrative physician Dr Jade Teta, who also designed Metabolic Prime.

For men, we recommend Metabolic Prime instead.

What’s in the box?

Metabolic Renewal quick start guide

Inside Metabolic Renewal you get:

1. Quick Start Guide

A two-page summary of the program

2. Exercise Videos on DVD or online

All of the 15-minute workouts for the 4 phases of the 12-week plan, at different levels according to your current fitness. These come on 4 DVDs for you to play on your TV or computer, or you can access them online.
Dr Jade Teta is your coach and his students demonstrate the different levels for each exercise. According to Dr Jade, all of the exercises can be done at home, with no special equipment (unless you are at a higher level of fitness where you might want to use weights). They are very quick (three 15-minute sessions a WEEK), so you can easily fit it into your schedule.

3. Metabolic Renewal Roadmap

Metabolic Renewal RoadmapA 204-page book covering:

– how Metabolic Renewal works
– hormones and metabolism
– meals, mindset, and movement
– how to get started
– how to accelerate your weight loss

The book also includes the 12-week Metabolic Meal Plan with all the recipes you need. But you don’t have to follow the meal plan exactly. If you prefer, you make your own meals, following the suggested guidelines. (That’s what I’ll do.)
Metabolic Renewal tracker
4. Transformation Tracker booklet

A 30-page booklet for you to track your progress in many different areas including weight, vitality, body shape and much more.

All of this comes in a well-designed box where you can keep everything together.

I expect the plan will also be available in a downloadable version. This means you can access the videos online without waiting for everything to arrive in the mail. But it’s pretty good to hold everything in your hands, so I recommend getting the physical copy too.

So here’s what you’re wanting to know from this Metabolic Renewal review:

Does Metabolic Renewal work?

You’ll see testimonials on the live site (click here & do the quick quiz to get access to video), but the exercise element of Metabolic Renewal is based on Jade Teta’s previous Metabolic Prime and Metabolic Aftershock fitness videos. So all of the principles have been tested there.

I’ve been in Facebook groups with the people following those plans, as well as trying them myself. What I can say is that the approach works if you stick to it.

As with Metabolic Prime, you’re likely to get the most benefit if you’re either overweight or ‘skinny fat’ (i.e. within the healthy BMI range, but flabby and unfit). If you’re significantly overweight, you’ll probably need to take it slow with the exercise at first, but you can get huge benefits if you persist.

It’s fine to take it slow and do just what you can. Jade Teta stresses this all through the videos. When he says 10 repetitions of something, you can do 5, or just one.

The people who had problems with it were mostly either too disabled to do any exercise at all, or so fit already that the exercises did nothing for them–or so they said. I did find this a little hard to believe! The exercises are graded, and to me, you’d have to be a real gym bunny to feel no benefit at all from the highest grade in the videos.

The lowest grade stretched me at first, but I was pretty unfit. If you have any issues such as knee problems, you can either change out the exercises that don’t suit you, skip some repetitions, or do a lesser version (like stepping instead of jumping).

It’s important to rest when you need to, and don’t do the exercises too often. This is because muscle development actually happens when you rest, not when you exercise.

And of course, check with your doctor before starting any program, especially if you have medical issues.

Who can benefit from Metabolic Renewal

First, this program is especially designed for women. You’ll only be helped by all the references to hormone levels if you’re female (of any age).

It’s designed for women of all ages, including before, during, and after the menopause. There are slightly different plans for these different stages, and some tweaking for different hormonal types of younger women.

Metabolic Renewal DVD caseOf course, you’ll get most out of Jade Teta’s Metabolic Renewal program if you want to lose fat and tone up your body.

The short bursts of exercise recommended here are perfect for women with busy schedules or those who dislike exercise and get bored quickly.

You may need to tweak a few things. For example, I was flicking through the Metabolic Renewal Roadmap and saw a recommendation for post-menopausal women to walk 4 hours a day! I thought–eek! That may work if you’re retired, but nobody with a job could do it! However, it does include ALL kinds of walking that you do during the day, including cleaning the house or walking to the photocopier at work.

I think it’s better to look at it in terms of steps. The program recommends 5,000 to 20,000 steps a day (around 1 to 4 hours if you did all the steps at once, but nobody does.) If you get a step counter, you can easily track this, and you’ll likely be surprised how much you already do.

Who will not benefit from the program

This plan is not designed for men. So if you’re male, I recommend Metabolic Prime.

For women who own Metabolic Prime and are doing fine with the exercises and diet plan there, you probably don’t need this. You might want to get it anyway for the hormonal aspect or to motivate yourself to follow the program more exactly, but I think you’ll find it follows the same basic plan, which works very well.

If you already do a lot of exercise, and you like working out at the gym, you may find these exercises unnecessary. You might still want to get it for the diet plan, however.

If you can’t or don’t want to move your body at all, ever, I’d recommend getting The Metabolic Factor instead. With Metabolic Renewal, you do need to be prepared to at least stand and move around a little for the 15 minute sessions.

If you’re currently pregnant and don’t already do a lot of exercise, you can benefit from the other portions of this program, but save the exercise element for after you’ve given birth and are ready to get rid of that baby-belly.

Cost, access, and where to buy Metabolic Renewal

Metabolic Renewal is not available in stores. You need to Click here, fill out the quick quiz, and watch the video to gain access.

Tip: If you don’t have time to watch the full video right now, leave it playing while you do something else. The order page appears after about 20 minutes. Remember to come back to it, because you then have a 60% discount if you act within one hour.

Note, if you do this, you will have missed some good information in the time you were not watching, including seeing other women with your hormone type telling you about their experiences with the plan. But I know from the comments I get on this site that some people don’t have time to watch long videos, so see my tip above for that.

If you get the 60% launch discount, the cost at the time of writing is just $37, plus shipping and handling if you want everything delivered to your home. You get the online version either way.

There’s a full 90 day money back guarantee, so you can return it for a refund (less shipping) if you’re not satisfied.

Metabolic Renewal review summary

With Metabolic Renewal, you’ll have a plan to suit your own body and lifestyle, instead of trying to squeeze into a “one size fits all” program.

It’s the first science-based, metabolism-restoring program designed to use your natural female hormonal patterns to create a fat-burning, body-sculpting powerhouse. It’s designed for adult women of all ages, at all stages of our female life cycle.

All of the details are on the page at the link below.
Click through to discover your own hormone type and find out all about Metabolic Renewal, including feedback from other customers, in the video.

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Metabolic Renewal - what's in the box

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8 comments on “Metabolic Renewal Review

  1. camilla fletcher

    Could I have a protein shake for breakfast and also one for lunch then the dinner Dr. Teta suggests? Would this work?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      I guess so, as long as it doesn’t leave you hungry in the afternoon, so you risk going for the wrong kind of snack.

  2. Cori

    Are Dr Jonny Bowden and Dr Jade Teta working together? If so, is the eating plan for Metabolic Renewal the same as the eating plan for Metabolic Factor? I can’t decide which program to get. I just want to get the program that will help me shed the weight fastest without having to change nearly all the food in my pantry (like the Paleo diet encourages). Is the only difference btw Meta Renewal and Meta Factor the absence of exercise? Thank you.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      I don’t think they are working together exactly, although the programs are compatible. There’s a lot more detail about diet in The Metabolic Factor, with specific types of food at certain times. As far as I recall, the diets follow the same principles, but in Metabolic Renewal they are more general guidelines. If you don’t want to change what you eat very much, I’d recommend Metabolic Renewal. However, diet has a big impact on weight loss, so you will need to make some changes.

  3. Kellie

    Hi I am 47 and going through menapause , i am on HRT and have put on 10kgs in 8mths even thou i was still excersising and watching my diet will this program help me to lose the weight even though i am on HRT?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Yes, you should still be able to lose it. It will make a difference what you eat, not only the quantities, and this program with a low carb focus should be good for that. It has specific plans for women going through menopause.

  4. Denise Christine

    I’m kinda worried….I took the quiz and felt several answers applied. I changed the answers and got a totally different type and totally different instructions….like I said I felt several answers apply and I’m afraid I will get the wrong program.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      The program contains the plans for all of the types. The quiz just helps you see where you might fit. If you aren’t sure, when you get the program you can look at it in more detail and decide which is best for you. You’ll have them all there.


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