5 Tips For Fast Weight Loss

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It seems as if everyone is looking for a way to lose weight quickly, but research shows that unreasonably rapid weight loss can often result in weight gain after a person has stopped dieting. But, there are still some fast weight loss tips that can help you lose five or 10 pounds over the course of a week or two without endangering your health or subjecting yourself to the diet bounce back that many people experience.

1. Follow A Diet Exactly

What many people find when they go on a diet is that there is an accelerated period of time over the first 3 to 7 days, during which they lose a large amount of weight, only to see this weight loss slowed down over time.

One of the reasons why there is additional weight loss during the first few days of a diet is because much of the weight that is lost is in the form of water or waste materials that are in your intestinal system.

But another part of the reason is that when we first go on a diet, we are usually very careful to follow it exactly. We’re highly motivated and it’s fun to try out a new way of eating. So we do everything “by the book”.

If you’ve been following your current plan for a while, take a few minutes to sit down and go over the materials again. Look for new recipes and see where you might have been “tweaking” in ways that could slow your weight loss down, e.g. if you stopped weighing or measuring certain foods.

Go back to basics and follow your diet exactly and you may be surprised what a difference it makes. This is much better than switching to another plan or trying a crash diet.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to lose body fat and you don’t want to gain the weight back when you start eating and drinking normally. Therefore, it’s important to pick a diet that you can stick with. Making changes to your diet and your lifestyle that are sustainable over time are certainly better in the long term than any cleansing or detoxification product ever could be.

2. Eat Natural Foods

When you take a close look at the average American diet, it is stunning to see how few fresh fruits and vegetables people eat. Most Americans eat less than 20% of the amount of fresh produce that they should consume, and therefore the majority of the food they eat is highly processed with little nutritional value. One of the most effective fast weight loss tips you would ever find would be to eliminate processed foods from your diet and eat only natural foods. The idea is to eat a diet that is as close to the farm as possible.

3. Time The Start Of Your Diet

One of the most popular times to start a diet is every January 1st, when people take part in their New Year’s resolutions. The reason why this is an appropriate time for dieting is because the holidays are over and you will be more in control of the meals that you eat.

This doesn’t mean that you have to wait until January to begin your diet! But timing the start of your diet so it does not coincide with periods where you may not have time to cook, or you will be forced to eat foods that do not fit in with your diet can help you get off to a great start.

Of course if you have a lot to lose you will inevitably come to some times when there is a party, wedding, holiday or other special occasion. But by that time your good eating habits should be well established.

If you eat a little too much at the party, don’t panic. Don’t try to make up for it by skipping meals the next day. Above all, don’t use it as an excuse to stop the diet. Just get right back on your regular diet plan afterward, and you’ll find the effects of one meal are not as bad as you feared.

4. Eat More Early, and Less Late

One of the biggest mistakes that dieters make is they tried to go throughout the day with as little food as possible, and then and up eating a lot during the evening. This is perhaps the least effective way to diet, and is a surefire way to make sure that your body packs on added body fat. While you sleep, your body doesn’t have anything else to do with all those calories you ate in the evening, except to turn them into fat.

When you go online to look for fast weight loss tips, one of the most commonly found pieces of advice is to make sure that you eat a substantial breakfast, that you eat often throughout the day, and that you stop eating at 8 PM or earlier. Of course, this depends on what time you go to bed, but you should stop consuming food at least 3 to 4 hours before you go to bed to prevent further fat storage.

Obviously, everyone has their own schedule and their own preferred ways of dieting, but by following some of these fast weight loss tips and using common sense you will be able to lose weight quicker and keep it off.

5. Do Not Allow Yourself to Get Hungry

If you become too hungry, it’s difficult not to overeat. When we’re hungry we tend to eat fast and grab everything in sight. You can either take a natural appetite suppressant like Metabolic Fire to help you manage this, or simply plan your meals and snacks so that this doesn’t happen.

One of the best ways to avoid hunger when losing weight is to follow a low carb diet. Protein and fat keep us feeling satisfied for longer than if we base our meals around carbohydrate foods. I find when I’m eating this way I even forget to eat sometimes – like a normal person!

So which is the best low carb plan? This is the one that I follow. It’s easy and effective, and could help you lose weight fast too:

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    Hi everyone, it’s my first visit at this website, and this post is really fruitful for me, keep up posting these articles or reviews.

  2. Sheree

    What do you think about maqui berries? These berries were recently discussed by the popular Medicine Hunter show on Fox News, he explained the origin of maqui berries and why we should start incorporating extract of these berries in to our every day nutrition and diets to improve our antioxidant levels and help regulate and improve glucose tolerance.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      I don’t know Sheree, it sounds like they might be just another one of those expensive ‘superfoods’, but I haven’t tried them.

  3. Samara

    Hard to believe I’ve been into fitness and doing physical exercises more than 3 decades now.
    Thus, sadly, I’ve had to come to grips with the fact the body does not do what it once did. Given that, I’m constantly looking for fresh ways in order to stay fit annd keep lean. Many thanks for providing such useful information for a healthy and safe fitness-conscious lifestyle.

  4. Brian

    Hey There!

    I just wanted to mention that I couldn’t agree with you more about really following a diet and sticking to the fundamentals. I actually posted about it recently on my own website.

    Personally, I’d also say that supplementing the diet with interval training is a great way to really kick-start short term weight loss. Efficient workouts that burn a ton of calories, and don’t require 1-2 hours in the gym every day.


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