New You In 22 Review

New You In 22 reviews - home page of official websiteThe New You In 22 program was designed by Dr Jonny Bowden who’s one of America’s leading nutritional experts. He’s now updated it and renamed it The Metabolic Factor.

It’s a brand new low carb diet that aims to transform your metabolism so your body becomes a fat-burning machine in just 22 days.

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What Is The New You In 22 Diet?

To summarise the plan, it’s basically a low carb diet with cheat meals, which makes it much easier to stick to the plan because if you have cravings you can just wait a few days and then indulge them at one of your cheat meals.

There’s a Basic plan and an Advanced plan – they follow the same principles but the Advanced plan ramps everything up a bit.

If you take the Basic plan, you’re allowed to have anything at all at the cheat meals. If you take the Advanced plan, Jonny Bowden recommends that you limit your cheat meals to certain types of carbohydrates and not just eat whatever. But you can do it either way, or you can even mix and match and have some cheat meals that are completely open and some that are more restricted. That’s what I did myself and I found it worked very well.

How New You In 22 Worked For Me

I was lucky enough to get early access to New You In 22 so I was able to test it for myself. I lost 9 pounds on the program, which I’m very happy with because I wasn’t very much over my target weight before starting. My experience is that the more weight you have to lose, the faster you will lose it.

I enjoyed the program, especially the cheat meals 😉
But even on the non-cheat days, I had plenty to eat, I didn’t get hungry and I loved the variety of the meals.

For women, to tone up as well as losing weight, I recommend Metabolic Renewal – see my review here.

What You Get – Instant Download and/or Printed Books

I got the downloadable version because I live in the UK, but you can get the printed books for the same price plus shipping, so if you live anywhere in North America I’d suggest you probably want to get the printed books – especially because when you order the books you also get the downloadable version for free, so you still get instant access and can get started with the program right away as soon as you’ve ordered.

Metabolic Transformation Guide

Metabolic Transformation Guide from New You In 22 dietThe Metabolic Transformation Guide explains every aspect of the plan including all the scientific theory and the research behind it, as well as step by step instructions for what you can eat and when, and everything else that you need to do to ensure you start burning fat and losing weight.

The first part of the book explains the importance of burning fat instead of burning sugar and how that will help you to lose weight and have a trimmer body.

The second section sets out the research behind the different steps that you need to do in the program: nutrition, sleep, stress, detox and exercise. And I will say right away that the exercise is not very much, you might be surprised, it’s really mostly walking. In fact on the Basic plan you can just do walking, nothing else.

Section 3 is where you have all the details of exactly what to do to start burning fat. And then right at the end it covers what to do when the program’s over, where to go from here. Because the 22 days can turn your metabolism around so that you start burning fat but obviously if you’ve got a lot of weight to lose you’re not going to lose all of that weight in 3 weeks.

So you’ll want to think about what to do afterward, and that’s quite simple, you could just repeat the plan or you could change from Basic to Advanced or from Advanced to Basic, or whatever you like, but of course you do need to keep doing pretty much the same kinds of things if you want to keep burning fat.

New You In 22 Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide from New You In 22 reviewIf you want to get started right away you can go straight to chapter 12 of the Metabolic Transformation Guide or you can use the Quick Start Guide. This is a 17-page booklet showing you exactly all the steps that you need to take to start the program.

I found the Quick Start Guide a very clear outline and in fact when I started the plan I just read the Quick Start Guide and went ahead with that right away, without even reading the whole Metabolic Transformation Guide until later.

New You In 22 Meal Plans

Metabolic Meals Blueprint from New You In 22 diet programYou may be wondering exactly what you can eat on this program and you have plenty of ideas here because you’ve got two books of recipes and meal plans. They even include shopping lists so you can get exactly what you need to follow the plan each day. There’s the Metabolic Meals Blueprint and also Metabolic Meals For Life where you can continue with more recipes for after the end of the program.

If you don’t like following recipes at all, that’s okay as well because there’s a ‘roll your own’ section in the guide and you can just pick from the list of foods there and create your own meals.

New You In 22 Review Summary

So that’s a quick review of Dr Jonny Bowden’s New You In 22 diet program. As I said, I lost 9 pounds in the 3 weeks myself, I found it easy and enjoyable and I highly recommend it.

New You in 22 has now been updated and renamed The Metabolic Factor with even more tips and bonuses. To find out more, click on the link below to go to the official website.

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The Metabolic Factor

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31 comments on “New You In 22 Review

  1. sheila dolinger

    why oh why is it so hard to order? is this some kind of test of patience? This video goes on and on!

  2. Diane Williams

    Why did I not get the meals for life or the or the quick start book when I downloaded the new you in 22 ?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Cecil, if you follow the instructions I gave to Phil above, I think you will have it 🙂

  3. Phil

    Hi – I want to do the program. I read somewhere on the internet that it costs $37 but when I watched the whole video the other day it said $64 (or did I not see it all?) Do I have to watch the whole video to get to the ordering part?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi, Phil. Yes the regular price is $37, and the quickest way to see the order page is to follow these steps:

      UPDATE: You can see the order page right away on the written sales page here:

      Or, follow these steps:
      1. go here:

      2. wait for the video to start, then click on the X in your browser tab as if you wanted to close the tab

      3. you should see a popup asking you if you want to Leave Page or Stay On Page. Choose STAY ON PAGE.

      And if that doesn’t work for any reason, just go to that same page and leave the video playing for about 15 or 20 minutes (you can go away and do something else) and when you come back to it you should see the ordering options have appeared below the video.

  4. Beulah

    My husband and I are doing this together and are on day 8. When I ordered the book I didn’t sign up for the 30 day group cause we weren’t starting right away, now I’d like to sign up but can’t find the website. All I get are the videos. I also would like to know what to do after 22?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Beulah, to get the 30 day group and more support you’ll need to go to the video page, and right at the bottom of the screen you’ll see a Contact Us link and you’ll see the email address to email them about it. You can use this link if you want:

      After day 22 you can either repeat the program or switch from Basic to Advanced or vice versa, whatever seems best to you. Personally, I also don’t follow the exact schedule for the carb feasts, but plan them around times when I’m going out or having people over. But that’s just my own tweak and you would want to make sure you don’t end up having too many!

  5. Constance

    Hi Rosemary, I have been reading the New You in 22, I have been on thyroxine for 2 years now and have slowly put on weight, I have a good diet now, will this plan work for me? Thanks Constance

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Constance, I’m sorry I can’t answer questions about medication – I’m not qualified. You would need to talk to a medical professional.
      Best wishes, Rosemary

      1. Katherine

        I just completed day 6 of New You in 22 and have been on Levothyroxine for several years (for hypothyroid). I can tell you that although I did not weigh myself today, I did weigh yesterday morning (day 5) and I have lost 7 pounds!
        This is a great jump start and I think 22 days (3 weeks) is very doable. My husband is doing it with me. He is very adamant that he not be hungry. The first thing he said to me the afternoon of day 1 was “wow, I don’t know what was in that shake but I wasn’t hungry until lunch and it had great taste”. Now that is a great testimonial!
        I am looking forward to seeing what the scale says Monday.
        One issue I have had is constipation so I will start using a fiber supplement to aid with that problem. Also, I am sluggish this past week so hopefully that will go away starting next week too.

        1. Rosemary C Post author

          Thanks for the comment Katherine! Good to hear. I use psyllium husk capsules as a fiber supplement when I’m doing low carb.

  6. Payal


    I am a vegetarian. I have tried a lot of these plans but have found that the options for vegetarians are very little and thus difficult to do…. Does the new in 22 have good options? Can you complete the 22 days if you are a vegetarian?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Payal, thanks for your question. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend New You In 22 for vegetarians. I think Unleash Your Thin is a better plan for you because it includes beans and lentils. You can also add back dairy products after a couple of weeks on Unleash Your Thin. I wrote about it here: Unleash Your Thin for Vegetarians

      I hope that is helpful for you. Rosemary

  7. Mary

    I’m on Day 15 and have lost several pounds and a few inches. I wanted to lose about 15 lbs however I started the program primarily to kick start my metabolism, learn to eat “cleaner” and start an exercise/meditation/relaxation program I could stick with. So far, so good. I’m happy with the program. It’s similar to an Atkins plan but we’re not forced into buying product labeled products (aka Atkins bars, shakes, etc.) and such.
    I’m in a group with other plan members and we share the programs ups (weight & measurement reduction, stress release, mental clarity) and downs (irregular weight loss, constipation, lack of energy: primarily within the first 5-7 days.) We encourage each other and many of us either already have or are on our way to achieving our goals.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      That sounds great Mary. The buddy system is hugely helpful. Yes it can take a little time to adjust in the beginning. And I recommend psyllium husk (a fiber supplement) or flaxseeds for anybody who has constipation – or simply eat more vegetables!

    2. A.

      “we’re not forced into buying labeled products”…..

      Where did that come from? Forced? Why is it necessary to bash the good doctor? Did he leave his grave and have you by the throat “forcing” you to buy an Atkins shake? I’ve been LC for years and never used any LC bars or shakes. “Forced”? Really? Forced?

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Dana

      No, you shouldn’t be hungry! A meal should keep you full for 5-6 hours.
      You probably need to have bigger portions, especially more protein or fat.
      They keep you feeling fuller longer and there’s no need to try to cut down on the allowed fats unless you have certain health issues that require a low fat diet. Assuming you can follow a normal diet, I would go ahead and add a food from column C in the Roll Your Own list.

  8. Robert

    I really have to get my motabolism out of hybernation. I need to feel more energy and drop about 40 lbs. But more important find out how my body really works to maintain optimum heath. I watched the whole New in 22 video By Dr. Jonny Bowden and it seems to make a ton of sense. I beleive it is designed for anyone male or female. Correct ? ………..Thanks!

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Robert

      Thanks for your question. Yes it’s designed for both men and women and it’s just the thing to get the metabolism going.

      I think it’s a great program. I hope you have a lot of success with it!

  9. Joyce

    Hi Rosemary

    I have had quite a few emails advertising New You in 22 and I have watched the video. Can you tell me if the cheat meals are once a week? Is it a cheat day or just one cheat meal? Thanks.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Joyce, they are cheat meals, not whole days. I don’t know if I’m allowed to give away the timing of them. It’s not exactly once a week.


  10. Elaine

    Hi Rosemary – I’m really glad I came across your site. I considered Unleash Your Thin but couldn’t find out anything more about the plan – so didn’t do anything with it. I received an email about New You – and now considering do this as well. Since you’ve done both plans – which would you consider to be the better approach? I’ve been on a LCHF since October – lost a little weight and plateaued for awhile so looking for a plan that will get me going again. I prefer to pick my own – not that keen on fixed menus but like idea of making use of the Cravings Crusher strategy as I suspect that what’s helped my cravings to go away now is the lowcarb aspect of the diet which automatically cuts out sugar. I’m also from the UK which is why your site and advice is most appreciated

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Elaine, thanks for your question. I think either of them would help you get started again but New You In 22 may be best for a quick kick start. The main differences are:

      – New You has more flexibility in the ‘carb feasts’, but Unleash Your Thin has more food choices day to day;

      – New You focuses on fast weight loss, while Unleash Your Thin offers more in terms of the psychological side of beating your food addiction, with checklists and quizzes designed to make you think about your eating habits.

      So if you want to kick start your weight loss again and then go back to the plan you were following before, New You In 22 is probably the best choice.


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